Feel Close to Nature

With its serene and amazing scenery, the River Tay is 120 miles long, rendering it the longest Scottish river and a well-liked preference for white h2o rafting and kayaking. Additionally it is renowned for salmon fishing and wildlife spotting, mainly in the estuary wherever bottle nosed dolphins and seals is usually witnessed.

Quad Bike Rid

A number of tour companies give tourists to be able to ride a quad bike in vast Al-Aveer desert. Generally, this ride is exclusive feature of the Dubai desert safari but you never hesitate to pay something extra for this kind of exciting activity. This ride will unlock many fun moments to suit your needs. You will be allowed quarter-hour to experience a round in Dubai desert.

Spread over a generous 128 km that never seems quite enough, the sanctuary sits right on the Neyyar river basin as well as tributaries. As if the spectacle … Read the rest